Aching Heart
23Jul2009 16:27:32
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                                                  Aching Heart

                                        The memories that I have
                          Are unforgettable happiness and sadness.
                         The moment of magic had lasted a lifetime.
             The feeling was like fire burning on a mountain with no end.
                         The river was there trying to play with us.

         The touch of your hand made

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É Muito Injusto!
18Jul2009 16:35:10
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R.I.P Michael Jackson
26Jun2009 17:30:00
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It doesn’t matter if you were black or white

You will be in our hearts as it has always been.

I hope you have found the peace that you were looking for

Leaving behind the craziness of the world.

I bow my head to you in sadness

I cry the lost of you in a state of mournfulness

Drops of tears are falling from the sky

The world stands in commotion and cry

We will miss you so.

You wer

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