The Wolf Within Me
04Jun2009 16:40:00
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The Wolf Within Me


A decade ago… I met the wolf…

He harmed me in the cruelest way

He clutched to my body in a forceful way.

He poisoned my blood and my soul.

He defeated me with his powerful tool.

He threw and drove me to his dark hole.

Me, a tender innocent soul.

Before he devoured me, a mighty light shone down on me.

Delivering a magic spell to me.

It fuelled me with strength and power.

Faith, Hope, Courage, Love, and Passion for Life;

the secret essence supplied to me.


The best substance to defeat such cruel being…

Cheerful victory conquered by me.

Disguised as a butterfly

I saw him fly away from me.

Big scars stayed within me

Now and then haunted me…


He Is Back! Once more…

He gets me by surprise.

He wants to get a fine prey for his appease.

He clings to my body possessing it without a please.

He pushes me again to his dark hole.

The wolf wants to catch the butterfly

That is not with me, not yet though…

Me, scarred by the wounds of the past…

He tries to get me through my hands,

I give him my strength instead.

He tries to get me through my arms

an embrace is offered instead.

He strives at my feet

I show him the best beat

He aims at my knees

I show him my best speed.

A forceful power is within me

To conquer the desires of a lost spirit…

Play catch has been over ruled

I create the rules that I want and should

This smart and strong beast shall not get to me.


“Dear Mr. Wolf when it comes to my life, I’m a wild ferocious warrior."

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Meu Amante de Verdade : Lupus o Lobo
04Jun2009 16:20:00
Publicado por: cina


Meu amante de verdade...

As suas garras passam de leve no meu corpo nu umas quantas vezes...

Outras ele me toca duro sem piedade alguma... pois não quer que eu me esqueça dele... o meu amante de verdade...

Nem permisso pediu para ser o devorador da minha alma...
Só se meteu comigo... uma vez.

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