Are future wars going to be fought over water or will leaders be able to resolve conflicts as they have many times in the past?
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At the pace of which the world is flowing this precise moment, thirst will drench imaginary clouds on a near future. Our future?

How can a war resist from blooming over water, when water is the fountain of life on this planet Earth? Without water, there is no life at all. We have seen countless of times animals fighting over food, which we found to be a normal process of life among the animal kingdom. As human beings, we do not differ much from the fauna. On a time of crisis, we will do whatever we can to find water to the extent of drinking dirty water. At this precise moment there are about 884 million people drinking unclean water. Some regions facing the scarcity of clean water are Sudan, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Tunisia and Cuba among other developing countries. To these people polluted rivers tend to be the directly source to fetch water, which is use for other basic needs such as sanitation and waste disposal. One famous river, which is Ganges near Calcutta, is a nest of pollution. The result expose to drinking unsafe water leads to major diseases causing the death of many children under age of five.

Will leaders turn into heroes (Gods) by providing us with water only when developed countries start to feel the undesirable pain of not being able to take a shower? It is obvious that leaders are not Gods to provide water when there is none. Water is a natural resource of our planet Earth. Developed countries have abundant water at the turn of a faucet it flows gracefully through our hands or cups; as a result, many people are not aware of the implication of such luxury. The whole water itself is one; it is a cycle that flows over and over again. Pollution has brought changes in our weather; as a result, floods and drought through out the world are consistent facts as we all can see and feel.

Can leaders hold the reins of a world war over water from bursting as they have many times in the past? Wars over water have always been fought around the world as history claims. According to Martin Asser, from BBC News, yore of disagreement between Israel and Palestinians out sprout into war over water in 1967, ending after a six-day trial, yet through our current days obstacles and divergences have been occurring with those two countries with the same main problem, the water. Amid the mention countries is a list of other regions in conflict or in midst war. Many of these countries share the same river or are dependent on a neighbor country for their supply of water. Dependency on others always tends to be a burden eventually. A worldwide correspondent Venkata Vemuri, states that Turkey and Iraq, are facing a drought for several years by now with the worldwide climate change; in spite of this, Iraq complains that Turkey is not letting enough water flow to its country. Leaders are afraid of a future conflict as there are stepping in with help of the United Nations with a national water plan for Iraq.

It is ironic how our brilliant brain works leading us always to the wrong direction. Our selfishness brain tends to roll bullets of intelligence towards inventions of self-destruction. However, we have everything that we need to solve our problems including the scarcity of the number one element of life, which is our precious liquid called water. Our intelligence. Enormous amounts of resources are already out there for the solution of water scarcity; besides, there are many ways to purify the existent polluted water. Better ways and inventions will roll as time passes and experimental occurs. Human beings need to be warned and well educated about the real dangers that we are facing at this precise moment by working together we can make it through the tough times ahead of us; otherwise, the world will be in great danger of a world war over water.

Water equals faith for the world to continue its journey of life.








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